Ayanna's Infusions


Hi everybody!

Many of you saw the post I made recently on Instagram, regarding the recent robbery in which my vehicle was broken into and a significant amount of (your) packages were stolen. 

If you received a tracking number from me BEFORE 5/16/23 and it is not showing any movement, your order was unfortunately one of the packages that they took.

I am working on getting everything re-made and re-shipped before the end of the month. 

If you would rather receive a refund instead of waiting, I completely understand. Simply email me with your order number so that I can cancel and refund your order. 

I appreciate your patience on this matter. If any of you come across ANYBODY selling/distributing Ayanna's Infusions besides Ayanna HERSELF, please contact me. The robbery occurred in Newark, NJ and the police didn't even bother to show up to the scene so it seems I'll have to handle this on my own.  

Much gratitude,