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Yanni Beads

These 7 inch long glass beads can be worn as anklets, trimmed and tied into bracelets, or they can be tied to keychains as a daily reminder of the DIVINE being that YOU are.

I bead these 2mm glass beads by hand (each one is unique, no two set of beads are alike!) onto a very strong and stretchy polyester string. I made them 6 inches long, so that they can be worn by any size wrist or ankle. To make them smaller, simply trim the cord and re-tie them to fit your desired size.

PHOTO 1: Mango Beads (comes in a set of 3!!!)
PHOTO 2: Tropical Beads (set of 3)
PHOTO 3: Golden Shroom Beads (set of 1)
PHOTO 4: Golden Eye Beads (set of 1)

Yanni Beads are a reminder to myself to honor ALL parts of my creativity, not just the parts that people find the most useful, or applaud the loudest. Don’t worry; I will ALWAYS make skincare products, but I will also be sharing some of my other creations on here from time to time.

As with everything that I create, these beads have a story behind them.

I’ve been going through a lot and ended up falling into the a very dark depression. For months, the ONLY thing getting me out of the house was the amount of orders coming in through my shop.

I had two choices: I could feed the spirit of depression by laying in bed all day, OR I could let some light into my life by getting up and engaging in the powerful & transformative energy exchange that occurs when I create my products. I could stop making my products and let down thousands of loyal clients who I love dearly, OR I could fight the spirit of depression by doing the thing I know how to do best: CREATE.

One of the many things that I realized while in such a dark place was that although I love making skincare products, I was neglecting almost every other aspect of myself because I was putting ALL of my energy into making skincare products.

I stopped dancing, playing instruments, cooking, making jewelry, and so many of the other things that I love… because I felt obligated to pour ALL of my energy into making enough products to keep up with the demand for my products.

Even though I gave it my all, my all never seemed to be enough. I stopped checking my instagram messages altogether, because I would feel so defeated by the amount of people complaining that my products were “never in stock” although I was doing my absolute best and creating hundreds of products every week. I started having panic attacks, very dark & intrusive thoughts, and noticed my heart would RACE whenever I turned on my phone/computer.

What used to bring me SO much love and joy at one point, started to feel robotic and I soon realized that running my business no longer made me happy. That’s when I knew something had to change.

I don’t want to ONLY make skincare; I want to make jewelry, aromatherapy mists, herbal tea blends, and so more. I don’t want to be just a skincare company, I want to be a botanica, full of spiritual offerings.

I subconsciously put myself in a skincare box, that started to feel like a prison and drove me way deeper into the depression that I was already fighting.

My spirit didn’t deserve that; these beads are a love letter to myself and all creatives reading this.