Ayanna's Infusions


My name is Ayanna. 

I began my vegan journey in August 2019, for ethichal reasons. I could no longer justify my consumption of animal produts... when I had other options. Supporting the MASS torture and slaughter of innocent beings by consuming meat and dairy was no longer something that I was okay with. 

Upon becaming more mindful of what I was putting IN my body... I also started paying more attention to what I was putting ON my body.

I noticed that all of the store-bought skincare products in my bathroom were loaded up with mystery ingredients that I couldn't even pronounce.

I started looking up ingredients and studying the endocrine disrupting chemicals present in MOST skincare products. Your skin is your largest organ, and everything that get aborbed through your pores seeps into your bloodsteam.

I had to accept the harsh truth that, by using those produts, I was overloading my body with toxins. I drying out my already sensitive, eczema prone skin EVEN MORE.

Most skincare products also contain animal derived ingredients such as collagen, glycerin, beeswax, and lanolin... which is gross and unnecessary. There is absolutely no reason to be using animal products to maintain healthy skin, when plants have ALL the nutrients that your skin needs to thrive. 

"If you want something done correctly, you have to do it yourself."

Once I noticed that none of the skincare products in stores were living up to the standard of skincare that I had in my brain, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I had to figure out a way to bring these eco-consious products out of my brain...and into reality. 

So, I started creating. Studying. Experimenting. My products were too good for me to keep them all to myself!

I began sharing them with my cowokers at the time, and they fell in love. SEEING their skin transform, right in front of my eyes, made me feel ALIVE. Their honest, raw feedback gave me the confidence boost that I needed to share my creations with the rest world. 

And thus, Ayanna's Infusions was born. I pour my heart and soul into these products, and I can't WAIT for you to feel it.