Ayanna's Infusions


Some of the MAIN triggers for eczema prone skin include:
-Meat/ dairy, eggs, gluten, wheat, soy ( eczema indicates an overgrowth of yeast in the body, so basically all foods that breed excess YEAST in the body.)

-Harsh and/ or artificial chemicals in soaps & laundry detergent

-DEHYDRATION. Eczema prone skin loses moisture more easily than average skin. Healthy skin begins within; the most effective way to ensure that your skin remains hydrated is to drink LOTS of water and eat hydrating foods ( as many alkaline fruits/ veggies as possible ).

-STRESS & stagnant emotions 

Before *learning* & STUDYING my body... I suffered from SEVERE eczema. My plant based diet + my handmade infusions have done WONDERS for the health of my skin.

There are many edible herbs that can be consumed in the form of tea/capsules/tinctures, that are known to aceelerate the healing of eczema flare ups.

red clover, sarsaparilla, skullcap, yellow dock, burdock root, nettle

I only use AYANNA'S INFUSIONS on my eczema prone skin.

I recommend NOT USING ANY SOAP ON ACTIVE ECZEMA FLARE UPS. Just let the water hit the area in the shower. Do not scrub with soap and try your best to avoid scratching.

I recommend misting eczema flare ups with Cooling Hydrosol or ReVamp Mist, then massaging in Cactus Jelly BEFORE applying Eczema Potion (HIGHLY recommend) Oatmilk Butta, or Mango Majesty into the area.

Though Cactus Jelly & Eczema Potion are THE MOST NUTRIENT DENSE, all products listed are excelent at sealing hydration & nutrients into the skin, which keeps the skin soft and supple for longer periods of time.  They also work diligently to correct discolation from eczema scarring.